Acrylics on wood panels by Signe Rudolfsen
Acrylics on wood panels by Signe Rudolfsen
Saturday, May 26th 2018 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Gowanus Wildcats 2pm performance on May 5 

Works on display Saturdays 1-5pm in May!

The most unlikely combinations can often yield amazing results.

When it comes to native born New Yorker Simon (sfa) Aredondo and Danish born Signe Rudolfsen, they’re no exception to the rule. While Signe’s work takes an abstract/figurative approach to the canvas (or even a panel of wood), Simon's work takes a more pop art approach incorporating his love for graffiti art and a wealth of NYC inspiration stemming from the 80’s to present day. Although their backgrounds are very different, there is a common element of New York City life that ultimately brings everyone together daily.

Whether you're a local or tourist, we all depend on our urban environment, for better or worse, good or bad, and spent much of our lives eating, sleeping, sketching, dreaming, hating and sometimes loving. Not at home, but in the most diverse locations of the city; the subway, where people (and lines) of all colors cross paths. Simon focuses on the exterior, like where we sit and the graffitti filled walls of the tunnels. Signe's focus is on the interior, utilizing her figures to look into what could be on the people’s minds and in their hearts. A perfect fitting theme to meet in the middle. Welcome to “Metro”.

Native New Yorker Simon (sfa) Aredondo grew up surrounded by the street art movements in the 80’s and 90’s, falling in love with graffiti, murals and writing since he was very young. However, over the past 10 years Simon began showing an interest in the contemporary art world, combining his long time passions into a modern pop art approach. Alongside being one of the creative minds behind the Harlem Gulleria Gallery and Harlem Art Collective, Simon utilizes his skills to elevate his hustle and has become locally known for his handmade merchandise, “Dyckman Supply Co.” selling T-shirts, bags, prints and other custom designs. A true creative with a passion for constantly exploring and developing new ideas and crafts, but always keeping an ear (and eye) to the streets.

Danish born, New York based visual artist, handcrafts-woman, and singer/songwriter Signe Rudolfsen utilizes her abstract figures as a "tool to spark conversation and reflections." Her use of vibrant color patterns and shapes with acrylic make a physically dense yet rich multilayered background on paper and canvas, her wooden earrings and thread wrapped ring necklaces receive a similar color treatment. "I wonder why we limit ourselves in our lives. I don’t want to limit myself or the viewer." Her latest endeavor is a testament to that philosophy featuring her colors and figures on a sequence of interconnected odd shaped wood panels creating one piece, often expanding with modular collection of two or more able to be placed in series or spread throughout a space.

In addition, new street art, Love = H2O = Life, installed by Ilaria D’Alessandro and Luis German Gomez on the wall opposite our boathouse will be on view.  It is an art piece that highlights the importance of clean water's connection with life and a collaboration of the "inside out project” and “theawamission”.  Within the mural illustration, a love story is portrayed to remind us the we are made of water, and we live to love.

The Gowanus Wildcats a not-for-profit organization, all-female drill team, founded in September 1970 in the Gowanus Houses Community Center in Brooklyn, New York, will perform at 2pm to Start our 2018 Season with a Stomp!  The Wildcats celebrate their 48th anniversary this year. Volunteer instructor, Renee “Juice” Flowers is an original member who has led the drill team since 1972. The current 13 members of 7 to 15 years of age include some daughters of former members. For their regular routines, the Wildcats do not use music. To create the magic, the Wildcats stomp their feet and clap their hands to produce their own beat.  We are thrilled to collaborate and be sure to stop by and enjoy their performance!

May 5th is also Idealist Day where we invite you to stop by to share ideas on how we may collaborate and promote your passion at one of our summer programs.  We'll have the card game "Apples To Apples" and Jenga available for people to have some fun in our boathouse while discussing, debating and hopefully, being inspired to do great work on our shoreline, your shoreline or somewhere else.  Together, we can make a difference and the rewards can be stunning!