Early AM Recreation with Old Industry in the Background
Early AM Recreation with Old Industry in the Background
Sunday, June 24th 2018 10:00am to 11:30am

Join the Dredgers for an athletic workout voyage to promote clarity of mind, time away from screens and focus on navigation.  We guarantee you will feel happier and more vibrant at the end of the trip! This exercise program teaches new skills while exercising for an hour on our waterway.  The workout is for 90 min. (or less) but you must arrive at or 10 min. prior to departure time. 

(weather permitting and check calendar to confirm dates & participation limited to 13)

Is Canoeing Gowanus is Good for Your Health? Canoeroots magazine recently published an article on why canoeing is healthy:

Improved cardiovascular fitness

Regular canoeing can increase cardiovascular fitness, meaning that not only will your paddling be more efficient, but you may see benefits in other sports and activities as well. 

Increased strength

The motion of pulling or pushing water with your paddle can increase strength and muscle in your arms, shoulders, core, back and chest. 

Reduced stress

Going for a paddle means you can live in the moment and forget about your to-do list or meeting on Monday and focus on smooth sweep strokes and how many wild Gowanus Creatures you can spot.

Core strength

While it may look like it’s all in the arms, the act of taking a paddle stroke relies significantly on core strength and torso rotation.

Be sure to read the full article at Canoeroots magazine!