Daffodils and Berry Carton by Christine Lafuente
Daffodils and Berry Carton by Christine Lafuente
Saturday, April 21st 2018 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Opening Reception 4-6pm on Saturday, April 21.  From the rooftop of Christine Lafuente's studio building in Gowanus, the city spreads itself toward the New York Harbor in an awkward jumble of industrial rooftops, bridges, highways, water towers, and the surprise of an elegant tree.  While not picturesque, there is a way in which the image becomes sublime in the late afternoon sun.

These views of Gowanus stay with Christine as she sits, weeks and months later, by a window, conjuring up still life arrangements that are like tiny blooming cities that float on an enamel sea.    

George Homer posters are on display as well, hand printed in limited editions by Tribune Showprint, the oldest flatbed print shop in America. Word play and humor are central to his art. He sees himself as a stand-up comedian who sits down a lot.

In addition,  Available is installed in our window, by Murat Cem Menguc, who re-imagines our national monuments as "available" real estate for rent or purchase. His statement is about the two dozens of national monuments whose status and size are threatened by Federal funding budget cuts.

Photographer Miska Draskoczy will have his book, Gowanus Wild on display along with artwork on the west wall.