On occasion, we run special programs to focus on a particular aspect of our mission. The following activities may run once or twice a year, raise awareness and generate support for cleaning the Canal:
  • Arts Gowanus
    Our Boathouse is transformed to a gallery of Artists Displaced from Brooklyn
  • Gowanus Oktoberfest
    An end of season event to highlight accomplishments of the past season
  • South Brooklyn Waterfront Resource Map
    A resource map to showcase other organizations, resources and efforts while informing the public of waterfront issues
  • Spring Cleaning Festival, Reopening of Boathouse, Shoreline & Dock
    Event where volunteers collect & remove bags of trash from our soreline, estuary, sustain life and prevent future dumping
  • Global Water Dance Festival
    Canoes are used in a celebration festival promoting the restoration and improvement of the planet's waterways
  • City of Water Day on Governors Island
    A gathering of boats and organizaitions that support waterfront access and restoration