Gowanus Bay Urbanscape
Gowanus Bay Urbanscape
Saturday, February 24th 2018 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Opening Reception, with oyster stew and drinks Saturday, February 24 from 3-5pm

The Gowanus Dredgers present for two afternoon-evenings, selected works of Jessica Dalrymple.  Pieces will be on display in our rustic boathouse space from her collection of Urbanscapes. As Dalrymple describes; her artwork is meant to "showcase New York City as a 'landscape'. By using a panoramic format,  a blue and green palette, and largely depicting sky and water it offers a wider and more natural perspective on a cityscape that's more typically defined by its streets, architecture, and people."

She further states, "It's easy to forget there's a landscape beneath the concrete and that many species of plants and animals inhabit our parks, waters, and skies. By highlighting the landscape and combining past, present, & future imagery this series serves to remind us of a former and existing New York City landscape while promoting the concept of "re-greening" cities to come. With urban sprawl a likely reality of the future it seems crucial to incorporate greater swaths of nature into the built environment for the health and well being of the community."

Attendance is free to view the artwork on display and participate in discussions about the Gowanus with a Dredgers member or have a conversation with the artist about her works on display. On Saturday 3-5pm, Fish People are donating & serving their amazing oyster stew, spiked with Widow Jane's bourbon wiskey (for adults) and other beverages served for a late afternoon sunset artists reception.  Are you an artist?  Stop by to discuss a future showing with the Dredgers.